Love is

 Love is Affection at its highest.
 Love is Acting the way you feel.
 Love is Always in your heart.
 Love is Always in my heart and on my mind.
 Love is Caring, sharing amd giving of oneself to another.
 Love is Daring.
 Love is Everyday thoughts of you.
 Love is Easy to find and hard to lose.
 Love is Heaven on Earth.
 Love is Lots of memories, past and present.
 Love is Many things to different people.
 Love is Mine if I believe.
 Love is Never alone.
 Love is Never saying never.
 Love is Only a thought of you away from my mind.
 Love is Perfection in a bubble.
 Love is Remembering the sweet smell of you.
 Love is Sugar & Spice.
 Love is The neverending thoughts of you.
 Robin Wood

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