“Vets Reunion”

We’re at a 10th intake reunion for Vietnam Vets,
We haven’t quite met them all just yet.
They’re funny and sad, thin and fat, short and tall,
Yes, you know -we’ve got them all.

We wives and partners have stuck through thick and thin.
You see-we’ve got a “bit” of an idea how they’re feeling within.
We’ve walked on eggshells for many a year
Anything out of place or back them into a corner-we fear.

Their problems are different, and yet-the same throughout
Talks of good times and fun, of course they all shout.
But anger simmering with government and public pressure is still there,
Guilt of killing innocents – talking about that - they wouldn’t dare.

Sadly sometimes they bury their feelings of misery - with some of their mates
But they mostly survive day to day and try not to hate.
Mateship and laughter hides how they’ve become,
We girls just grimace, survive, love them and hang on
‘Cause they are all so great -our own heroes and mates –yes every one!

A great bunch of guys still trying to survive,
And with help from this get together – God Willing they’ll not continue to hide.
And so return to the next reunion for friendship and fun
And from Sad Memories of Vietnam years – they’ll cease to run.

Copyright 2007 Carol D

My Max is a Vietnam Vet, so I have tried to put into words my feelings and the feelings of others.
Carol D

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