Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge-now there’s an interesting place to visit when you travel
A more intense pile of rocks or human mysteries you’ll never unravel!

You see they just have first names-never a last
Just in case someone comes a looking for them, and they have to move off fast!
They’re a tight community that’s for sure-downing mining tools
And raising money for the local kids swimming pool.

I noticed the local accountant doesn’t have much of a job
‘Cause seems the tax man is not so important with this mob!
And the census lady-now she just stopped and scratched her head
As supposedly 4 thousand people were to be counted and only 450 instead!
Yes, you guessed it - they didn’t want to be found
So off they went and scurried underground.

The story goes that if you’re a local and don’t pay the bill-
Before you know it you’ll sure to be a resident of Boot Hill!
Stories abound of finding the Black Opal or a bit of colour you see
But it sure doesn’t look like a Rich Mans paradise to me-
With Cement mixers and bits of trucks and holes all around
Only lean toos-hardly a decent house to be found.

But maybe they are the ones laughing at us as for no more-
They have found whatever it is that we still are looking for.
I think that perhaps they are happy in their primitive holes and heaps of rocks
As they have been hardened by the school of hard knocks.

So when you go out to Lightning Ridge-go with an open mind
Look, listen, experience their life, and perhaps you will find
A township used to working hard to find their dream
And find out for yourself-All is not what it sometimes seems! 

Copyright 2007 Carol D

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