Happy Anniversary.

We’re here to celebrate an anniversary I hear
A couple – who to us are very queer –I mean-who are very dear!
They are generous and let us pick a spot to camp
And through the paddocks, we’re allowed to tramp
As long as we dodge the junk –whoops-the many vehicles that abound
And the piles of cow poo –we just go around.
In a house, they do not live
As they reckon “Rough Diamond” has just a bit more to give. ????
Robin has the new house plans all worked out and to hand
But Keryn can’t decide just which spot to put it on in all this land.
Now Robin eyes lovingly – his many machines and says, “she’s a goer mate, it’ll start one day”
As we all shake our heads and say, “no way, no way!”
‘Cause in the old days, he’d raise his hand and say “it’s mine, it’s mine!”
Well he reckoned it seemed the right thing at the time!
And our Keryn races around with Fugly and a match
Many a fire has got away and snakes she’s not tried to catch
As she runs away then yells out “R O B I N”!!!!!!
And down he comes a hopin and a bobbin!
Their jokes and arguments-whoops-discussions have been many over the years
In their 73-oh-37 years, enough to render us all to tears
So with many good wishes to them both
We all wish them together many more years to joke,
And argue,
And discuss,
Happy Anniversary you two!
Copyright 2007 Carol D

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