It’s a Bugger Getting Old! 

I’m looking after my 87 year old Mother

She’s a real lady, a gentle soul – not any bother!

There are some things she just can’t remember you see

And “Getting’ Old is a Real Bugger” everyday she says to me.

Moving around is a bit of a struggle on her four wheels

She quietly groans, slowly pushes off –really she makes no big deal.

The pains she has in every muscle has to be seen to be believed

So every tablet comes out that man has ever conceived! 

My shopping now consists of a visit to the Chemist girls

With scripts and letters from Doctors etc all puts them in a whirl

I walk out laden with boxes and boxes, it’s a real battle

And every 3 hours Mum takes her tablets and just plain rattles!

Yes, it’s a Bugger to be getting old

Why don’t they just invent a tablet for staying young to be sold? 

We have many laughs still as good times are still many to be had

Just because it’s the wrong day or she’s forgotten what happened yesterday –it’s really no reason to be sad.

We talk of days when my sister Robyn, brother John and I were the billy lids

And her joys of having grandchildren and Great grandchildren –yes she loves all her kids

A few games of crib at night lets her use her brain

Adding up quicker than I can –she shows no strain!

You know-Mum never stops saying “Thank You Dear”

So precious is this time for me –in my heart I hold it near.

I am so lucky to have this chance even though

I witness a loved one growing older –so-

Yes-Getting Older is a Bugger –but this one thought I keep raising

It’s a Darn sight better than the alternative of Pushing up the Daisies! 

Mums continual saying of “it’s a bugger to get old Carol”, prompted me to write this one in October 2008, when Dad was in hospital and Mum had a fall in August.

                        Copyright 2008 Carol D

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