First Timers:

We’re now retired, and another idea I had,
Footloose and fancy free, this Mum & Dad.
We’ll travel and wander throughout this great land,
From ranges to beaches, mountains to sand.
So off we went and bought this motorhome.
Now this countryside we could roam.
With everything from TV to the kitchen sink,
So pleased we were; Tickled pink!
Then came the feat of packing this RV,
My 50 or so outfits, just wouldn’t fit, you see..
But maybe half I could try and squeeze in,
Jammed, packed tight. Like sardines in a tin.
Off we trotted, overloaded to the hilt,
We decided we needed a bigger home built.
This adventure we started from a thought,
But how to carry all this stuff we’ve brought.
Then night came and it was getting dark,
For miles we travelled, no-where to park.
We checked and rechecked our maps,
We were lost, what do we do, us chaps?
We continued on & on, forever it seemed,
Then finally I spotted a rest stop and gleamed.
I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, you see.
“Bed time!” I announced with oh such glee!
We were too tired and cranky for tea,
But that bedtime shower was a must for me.
In I crammed, into this tiny space,
A fight with the shower hose, just to wash my face.
Finally I had the shower under control,
I was singing with all my heart & soul.
Then the water, it started to spurt,
I didn’t get to rinse my hair – that hurt!
I got out and dried myself real well,
Conditioner still in my hair was hell.
“The shower’s broke!” I announced,
and down my throat, my husband pounced!
“You’ve used all our water…”
“As bad as our Daughter!”
Into bed he climbed in disgust,
He was tired, dirty and full of dust.
Bedtime seemed to be another feat,
We had to climb up from the seat.
In we tucked ourselves, nice & tight,
But my imagination was hard to fight.
These sounds outside I could hear,
“Was someone coming to get us?” I fear.
I lay there for hours, until I nodded off
Then my husband woke me, with his cough.
I thought I may as well relieve myself,
But trying to get out of bed, you needed to be an elf.
I hit the TV, and broke my head,
As I climbed over my husband, “Hurry up!” he said.
Finally out, I was really busting now,
But the toilet, how to use, I didn’t know how.
This contraption was something I’d never seen,
A mess in the middle of the night I didn’t want to clean.
I lifted the lid, Low and behold…
Instructions just for me in bold!
That wasn’t so hard to figure out,
This life I could live; without a doubt!



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